Free grants and scholarships for single mothers

Find and apply for as many scholarships as possible: it’s free money to pay for college or professional institute! If you start investigating in advance and meet deadlines, you may be on track to get a scholarship. Scholarships are monetary gifts. It is not necessary to reimburse them. There are thousands of them, offered by educational institutions, employers, individuals, private companies, non-profit organizations, communities, religious groups and professional and social organizations.


What types of scholarships are available?

Some scholarships for college are based on merit. You can obtain them by meeting or exceeding certain standards established by the person offering the scholarship. Merit scholarships may be awarded based on academic achievement or the combination of academics and a talent, characteristic or special interest .Other scholarships are based on financial need .


Many scholarships are directed to certain groups of people; for example, there are study scholarships for women or for graduate students. Some are even available because you or your parents work in a certain place or because you have a certain provenance (for example, there are scholarships for military families ).

A scholarship can cover the total cost of tuition or it can be a concession of a few hundred dollars that is awarded only once. Either way, it is worth asking for, as it will help reduce the cost of your education.


How do I find scholarships?

You can learn about scholarships in various ways, such as by contacting the financial aid office of the educational institution you plan to attend and checking the information in a public library or online. But be careful. Make sure the information and offers on the scholarships you receive are legitimate, and remember that you do not have to pay to find scholarships or other financial aid. See our information on how to avoid scams .


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When should I apply for scholarships?

It depends on the deadline of each scholarship. Some areas have deadlines in advance of a year before college begins, so if you are in high school, you should research and apply for scholarships during the summer between the third and fourth years. But, if you have missed that opportunity, do not give up! Check the scholarship information to see which ones you can still request.


How do I apply for scholarships?

Each scholarship has its own requirements. The scholarship website should give you an idea of ​​who meets the requirements and how to apply. Be sure to read the application carefully, fill it out completely, and comply with your deadlines.


How do I get the money my scholarship

It depends on the scholarship. The money could go directly to your university, where it will be used to pay tuition, fees or other amounts that you owe, and then you will be given any excess funds. You could also send a check directly to you. The scholarship provider should tell you what to expect when you report that you have been awarded the scholarship. If not, be sure to ask.


How does a scholarship affect the rest of my student aid?

A scholarship will affect the rest of your student aid because the sum of all types of student aid you receive can not be more than the cost of studying at your university or professional institute. Therefore, you will need to let your university know if you have been awarded a scholarship so that the financial aid office can subtract that amount from your study cost (and certain types of assistance, such as loans, that may have been offered to you). ). Then, any remaining amount may be covered by other types of financial assistance that you can access. Do you have any questions? Contact the financial aid office.


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